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Break ups, no one likes this part of a relationship, ask anyone, ask Jon Koppenhaver aka war machine. When it has been decided that a relationship has run its course, it time to end it, and pulling the cord can get ugly, even in the sports world. Here are the worst break-ups in sports history.

David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who dumped who?:The decision was “mutual”.

In the aftermath of a loss to Arsenal in the FA cup final of 2003,  there was tension in the Manchester United dressing room. The conflict between Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham had been building for months due to the duo not seeing eye to eye on Beck’s celebrity status. Words were said that could never be taken back, a boot was kicked and someone left the room with a cut above above their right eye. In the following transfer window of 2013, David Beckham became apart of the infamous “galacticos” policy at Real Madrid after he was sold by Sir Alex Ferguson and United. It’s alleged the decision to sell him came after Ferguson told the board that David thought he was bigger than the manager and once a player thinks that he has to go. Both moved on and went on to win many titles.

Donald Sterling and the LA Clippers.

Who dumped who?:The Clippers(as well as the whole of the NBA  community) dumped Sterling.
After audio recordings of Mr Sterling making racist remarks towards black people surfaced, the whole NBA universe got involved, with prolific figures such as Lebron James, Kobe and Shaq of course weighing in on the issue. They were simply outraged by this. The NBA commiosioner banned Sterling for life from the NBA which was effectively a way of also telling him to sell the team, which he did to former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer, who has reportedly banned his players from using apple products. Sterling was basically given a two billion american dollars golden slap to the face to leave, but at least he is gone.

Manchester United and David Moyes.

Who dumped who?: Manure United dumped the chosen one.

This is a good example of how badly a rebound relationship can go. After Sir Alex Ferguson retired he brought in a successor in the form of David Moyes. This in my opinion was the exact equivalent of going hooking up with Beyonce to running with Snookie, driving a Bugati Veyron to driving a Honda accent, Coke to Pepsi, being married to Halle Berry and dating whatever Eric Burnett is dating now(you might need to google his dumb irrelevent ass). It was never going to be an easy transition but not many people, including a Liver bird loving staunch Liverpool supporter like me(YNWA!!!), saw what was coming. Moyes like his predeccesor was a record smasher, but not for the right reasons.

Arsenal and every good player they ever had.

Who dumped who?:Arsenal was dumped obviously.

Basically ex-Arsenal players always tend to dump Arsenal and up-grade to clubs where they can win something.

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who dumped who?:Lebron broke Clevelands heart.

This might be the ugliest break-up on the list.And when I say it got ugly, it got ugly. The city of Cleveland and its NBA franchise the Cavaliers had brought James amazing friendships, “loyal fans” and great games but one thing was missing, championship rings. Most of the NBA asked James how he could be A king with no rings or a crown to call his own?All his talent and skill had not gifted him with a title. In 2010 James became a free agent and made the tough decision to move to the Miami Heat. He decided to take his talents to south beach and form a powerful trio with Bosh and D Wade which would see them win two NBA championships. Thing got ugly at this point, with fans burning his jersey and saying hurtful things an Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert qouted as saying “the cavs would win a title before him. Don’t laugh, that wasn’t a joke. Ok maybe laugh a little, but Gilbert went on to say what James did was selfish, heartless, callous, cowardly and a betrayal. It probably didn’t help that James announced his decision on a trumped up over the top one hour special on ESPN called “the Decision”. Anyway he is back in Cleveland and all is forgiven.

Thanks for reading my article. If there are a few I missed that you think should be here just mention them and I will add them in the update for this post at a later date. If you liked it tell your friends and if you did that make more friends and tell them. RTW